Who are we and What do we do?

“We are the Lien Sale Experts!” Every month our company conducts live auctions at several hundred self storage facilities, throughout Florida. 

In 1990 Colonel Rex Frost and Tammie Lockwood, was asked to develop special procedures for improving the lien sale process of auctioning storage units whose rent had not been paid. These procedures were designed to minimize the opportunities for fraud and to maximize the income from the sales. Integrity was placed as the highest priority.

Rex and Tammie worked with self storage industry leaders to develop these systems and established the first “full service” storage auction company in Florida. We have grown considerably since 1990 – always being the largest company in this business, but never sacrificing our core principles. We now have 4 Licensed auctioneers, strategically based throughout Florida, to provide individual, local service to our clients. Our auctioneers are supported by full-time office staff, to ensure that our clients’ needs are immediately dealt with. We are definitely not a “one man show!”

If you are a new buyer, please click on the “New Buyers” icon, to see how our auctions are conducted and to download our Auction Contract.

If you are a self storage facility owner, please contact us to learn about our special lien sale procedures, which ensure that you are protected. One of our auctioneers will then arrange to meet you for a detailed discussion. The buyers only see the auction but, as you know, that is just the tip of the iceberg in a long and detailed, legally binding process.

Our experience has led us to develop procedures which provide protection for storage facility owners from the threat of legal action. Nobody in this business has sold as many storage units as we have. We have never been to court and have never made an out-of-court settlement. This unblemished record shows the strength of our protection.

Our core business is auctioning self storage units whose rent has not been paid. We also use this expertise to conduct auctions for clients in related lien areas, such as operators of “PODS”, warehouse owners, movers, and landlords with abandoned property. 

We have by far the most experienced staff in this business. We are committed to ensuring that our auctions meet or exceed all aspects of relevant laws, while also ensuring that everyone at our auctions has an enjoyable experience. We have over 1,000 registered bidders who receive regular emails about our auctions – ensuring that you will always have a strong attendance of qualified buyers at your auctions.

Our specially trained staff are always available to provide advice and assistance. Contact us today, to find out how we can help you.

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